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Bartók Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion

The fluttering eyelashes

The quivering branches

Open your eyes

It’s darkness

Feel with your left hand

The sand is moving slowly at the bottom of the ocean

and boiling in the icy water

Close your eyes

It’s the piercing white light

The silence is burning

The desire is muted

Walk with the shadowed footsteps that shake the nerves

The floating dust in a deserted mansion


The glimmering light is approaching

with electrified wings

A gothic cathedral is emerging from the sea

surrounded by fire and thorns

A fractured skull covered with velvet


A vortex of sand

The bouncing metal fireflies in a glass cube

The reflection of a blade edge

White desert


The ticking sound from above

Burning sage

A water drop fell on the eye

and froze into a crystal

A chiffon ribbon started to melt in the air

and disappeared in thick fog

The contours of a prophet

blurred by the dark velvet robe

Whirling wind

Ribbons falling from above

Desert dissolved into the black water

Reflection of the hands

The dream in the eye

Bursting balloons

A rainbow surrounded by bees

The dancing wooden soldiers

Chipmunks biking on pretzel wheels

Police are sitting in donuts decorated with color-changing lights

and directing traffic with bells

An Easter rabbit king is ice-skating in a golden vest

The sky is covered by marshmallows

The birds are jumping in sequined dresses

The lights are on

The curtain is closed

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