Schumann Davidsbündlertänze Op.6

An ornate glimmering iron gate

That only opens when you touch it

Before you see it

Blueberry bushes

A jumping rabbit

Keep walking to get lost

A statue of a closed eye

With stars sprinkled around

A party held by the wooden cavalry regiment miniature

Laughing and creaking

An opened book with blank pages

That only reveals your thoughts

If you want to hide them

The smell of a bouquet

The falling pearls

Holding breath

Let the magic hit the heart


And purify

It brings loneliness

And sadness

Because it is too beautiful

To be real

Being pulled into a space

That nothing else exists

Turning around

Walking in a foggy garden

A rabbit eating blueberries

A statue of an eye


With starry tears flying around

A chorus humming from a distance

Irresistible impulse

Unruffled mind

The iron gate is open

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