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Schumann Six Canonic Etudes for Two Pianos, Op. 56 (trans. Claude Debussy)

The dark clouds are drifting

Revealing a puffy window in the center

The silky sky

in avocado green

stays peaceful and shy

A breeze from the sea

Humid and cucumbery

The grass is awake

The water is singing

A seashell is floating with the stream

and then stopped in front of you

Touch it

It starts to grow bigger

and hugs you gently

Sit inside

It rises up

like a hot air balloon

The water is dancing on the grass

The droplets mirror the grass in blue

The ants in helmets are stretching their legs

and talking to each other

A flying flamingo

The silvery stars

The echo of the ocean

The breathing of the wind

Rise through that window

The clouds are covered by forests

The trees are sweeping the sky

like painters with their brushes

The shadow is fading

Someone is waiting

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