Scriabin Fantasie, Op.28

A reborn phoenix rising from the ashes


The flowing boiling blood with no gravity

A flower rooted in a fleecy cloud


Golden atomic bomb

Serpentine dance

Drifting between realistic dreams and dreamy realities


The ecstasy floating above the crater of an erupting volcano

A love letter

Agitated contemplation

Cicada's wings in a kaleidoscope of colors

The joy of expression

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The sea surface covered by lavender hydrangea petals Sauvignon blanc Faded polaroid photos Taking a siesta on a rocking chair Before the tea leaves start sinking The pleasant sound of the dancing vine

The still blue sky With no clouds passing by A feather was blown up into the air And then turned transparent Praying With a sprouted branch Listening to the silence And the echo of the silence Embrace

An ornate glimmering iron gate That only opens when you touch it Before you see it Blueberry bushes A jumping rabbit Keep walking to get lost A statue of a closed eye With stars sprinkled around A par